Philippine Medical Association
Philippine Medical Association

Members shall be physicians duly licensed to practice medicine in the Philippines and whose names have been entered into the roster of members of the PMA.

Membership shall be through a recognized Component Medical Society of the PMA, and the rights, privileges and obligations shall be governed by its By-laws.

How to access your PMA account?
  • Username: 00+ PRC Number or 0+ PRC Number

    Note: consists of 7 numbers. (Ex. 0012345 or 0123456)

  • Password: Your temporary password is your last name in small letters and PRC number without space. (Ex. lastname0012345)

    After logging in, please remember to change your temporary password to your preferred password for the security of your account.

    For technical concerns, please email [email protected] . Thank you.

  • Request Membership Account:

    Request your PMA Membership account here.